Technology for today’s needs and tomorrow’s roadmaps

Our expertise and long-term customer partnerships give us in-depth understanding of today’s demands and the requirements of next-generation technologies. That enables us to focus on ensuring that our customers achieve their internal roadmaps.


Our Cleanroom Products supply air quality in accordance with ISO Class 1 cleanliness and AMC Filter technologies below 0.1 ppb. Our custom-designed environmental control solutions provide air and media temperature control precision in the sub-micro-Kelvin range as well as humidity control precision below 1 percent relative humidity.


In addition to our leading-edge capabilities, we leverage our broad experience to provide solid, cost-efficient, reliable and ready-to-use product technologies and scalable solutions for all industries, applications and companies that require cleanroom environments. M+W Products is known for responding quickly with technical guidance on solutions that meet our customers’ budgets.

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