To us, sustainability means meeting current requirements without compromising on the future. Our focus is on achieving lasting customer relationships. We are also considering the interests of our stakeholders as well as economic and ecological aspects.


Environment, Health and Safety


Taking responsibility for the health and safety of people as well as for environmental protection is core to all that we do.


Creating and delivering safe products is our top priority. We are striving to provide
a safe work environment during manufacturing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of our products.


We are reducing the ecological footprint of our processes, and our engineers are aiming to create and build environmentally friendly products.


Delivering maximum quality everyday on every project


Our comprehensive and ISO 9001 certified quality-management system ensures maximum transparency. Statistical process control supports failure identification and correction throughout the complete manufacturing process. Configuration control, serialization and engineering change-management processes ensure our customers get reliable quality in single-part or serial production. Our products are tested and certified together with the process tools of our customers (SEMI, UL, CSA). High- quality standards require the manufacturing, assembly, testing and packing of our products under cleanroom conditions. Each unit is run through an extensive test program prior to shipping. All test results are documented to prove the performance according to specifications. 


As a pioneer in this field, we are experts at installing new cleanroom technology, including Filter Fan Units, that have reduced energy costs by up to 50 percent compared with fan towers. We are the only supplier of AMC filters that provides regenerative solutions to significantly reduce filter material waste and costs by enabling long-term use – which is another efficient and environmentally friendly advantage of working with M+W Products.

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