M+W Products has a firm commitment to protecting your data online

Our goal at M+W Products is to develop an online environment that is simple to operate and takes account of the rights and expectations of our customers and other visitors to the M+W Products website.

This data protection guideline describes how M+W Products collects, processes and uses data, and then protects the data which you give to us when you use our website in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).


Contractual relationships with partners / third parties

Our website includes joint ventures with different service providers. M+W Products gives users access to the product pages of our partner company through the website referred to above.

Users of the website enter into a contractual relationship with the relevant service provider when they use the services of the service provider for which the corresponding contractual conditions of the service provider are applicable. Responsibility for the legal provisions and content relating to the services offered on the product pages of the partner companies lies solely with the relevant partner companies which users can access through links on our home page.

When the services of a service provider are used, contractual relationships come into effect solely between the relevant partner companies and the users in accordance with the conditions applicable for this contractual relationship.



M+W Products is not liable for the actions of the partner companies. M+W Products gives no warranty for the availability or effectiveness of the services offered. M+W Products also assumes no responsibility or liability that the services offered by the partner companies are in conformity with statutory regulations. M+W Products is not responsible for the content of the services of the partner companies.

Insofar as M+W Products itself offers services, the General Terms and Conditions of the relevant M+W Products companies marketing the services shall be applicable. These terms and conditions are published at the appropriate place along with the relevant data protection regulations.

Otherwise, M+W Products is liable – irrespective of the legal grounds including a civil wrong or breach of duty (tort) – only for following:

  • if M+W Products causes loss or damage through gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing or culpably breaches a material contract obligation (cardinal obligation) in a manner which puts the purpose of the contract at risk, this is also applicable for employees, legal representatives and agents.

If a material contractual obligation is negligently breached, M+W Products will bear liability limited to such typical loss and damage which was reasonably foreseeable on the date that the contract was concluded. The limit of liability is also applicable for the scope of the loss or damage.

The liability of M+W Products pursuant to the Product Liability Law is not affected by the restrictions on liability referred to above. Otherwise any liability of M+W Products is excluded.



The content of the M+W Products website is protected under copyright law. The reproduction of information or data, in particular the use of texts or image material, requires the prior written consent of M+W Products. The text and image material expressly published in the “News & Press” section for syndication are exceptions to this regulation.


Applicable law

All information or data, its use and registration on M+W Products websites, as well as all associated action, tolerance or omission are exclusively subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart insofar as a consumer asserts their rights.

The security of personal data, such as name, address, telephone number or email, is a serious and important company issue as far as we are concerned. That is why we carry out our web activities pursuant to the relevant laws on data protection and data security. You will find out below about the information we collect and how we deal with that information.


Personal data / Types of use

M+W Products believes that protection of your personal data is a top priority. You decide on whether or not you want to give us this data when registering, filling in a survey or by some other method. However, your data are relevant for your inquiry but they are given on a voluntary basis to us or to our partners.

We generally use your personal data in order to answer your inquiry, process your inquiry or give you access to specialist information or offers. If we are to keep our customer relationships up to date, it may also be necessary for us to store and process your personal data, as well as communicating or forwarding such data for example to our Group companies, in order to be in a better position to deal with your issues or to improve our products and services, for us (or a third party commissioned by us) to use these data to inform you about M+W Products offers which will benefit your business, or in order to carry out online surveys which will better enable us to meet your requirements. Any data that are not used will be deleted immediately.

Naturally, we will respect your wishes if you do not want us to use your personal data to support our customer relationship – in particular for direct marketing or market research. We will not sell your data to third parties or otherwise market such data to you.

The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) or other valid legal regulations are applicable within our company to all the personal data you communicate to us.


Exchange of data

In addition to the types of usage described above, M+W Products will transfer your data to third parties who are involved in the processing of your purchase order(s). For example, if you have placed a purchase order through our website, we will forward your ordering information to partner companies and subcontractors of M+W Products who will process your order and deliver it to you. Data will only be forwarded if it is required in order to complete and deliver your order, or in order to process an inquiry. We will also forward your personal data to third parties if we are under a statutory obligation to forward such data.

It is the policy of M+W Products, not to forward any personal data about the users of our website if no special permission has been provided authorizing us to do this. We do not sell users’ names or email addresses to other companies which will send you unsolicited advertising or mail shots.

Promotional advertisements of third parties or links to other websites may collect data as necessary if you click on them or otherwise follow their instructions. We have no control over the data which are voluntarily or involuntarily collected through advertisements or websites. We recommend that you inspect the data protection guidelines (privacy policies) of the sites being promoted if you have any concerns about the collection and use of your data.


Data which are automatically collected on our website / usage data

We welcome anyone to visit our site free of charge, to make use of it and to look at the products on offer. If you visit our website we will log your IP address (i.e. the Internet address of your computer, not your email address) and all other general usage data, in order to be able to assess which part of our website you visit and how long you stay there.

These data are collated with the usage data of all the visitors to our website, in order to be able to measure the average time a visitor stays on an M+W Products website, the pages called up, etc. We will use these data collected by us for internal purposes in conformity with the specifications of our anonymization procedure. It is not possible to trace this data back to you as a person.

We use this collated data for evaluating our products and services, including innovations that we publish on our website. We also use the data to measure the usage of our website and to improve the overall content. The usage data for our website is not linked with personal data that would provide any information about you.



Like many commercial websites, M+W Products uses the technology generally known as “cookies” in order to collect data on how you make use our website and to ascertain that your visit has gone smoothly without any glitches.

Our cookies do not identify or contain any personal data. Cookies cannot read information from your computer or interact with other cookies on your hard drive. However, cookies enable us to recognize you the next time you visit our website.

If you don’t want your browser to accept cookies, you can switch off this option in the browser settings.

Switching off the cookie function can prevent this website from functioning properly. Under certain circumstances, you may not be in a position to make use of all the opportunities and information available on this website.


Click through URL

In some email messages to our customers, we use the technology known as "Click through URL". If you click on these links, you only get to the actual website you want to reach through our computer system. M+W Products uses these "click throughs" in order to establish the level of interest in specific issues and to measure the effectiveness of our communication measures. We don’t exchange these data with anyone and we don’t attempt to link the "click throughs" with individual email addresses.


Communication by email

We use email for services or in conjunction with information on our products/services. In these cases, we retain your email address in our documents.


Protection of young people

Children / young people should not transfer any personal data to M+W Products websites without the consent of their parents or other responsible person. M+W Products emphasizes to all parents and guardians that they should instruct the children they are responsible for in the adoption of a safe and responsible approach to giving personal data on the Internet.

M+W Products will not knowingly collect personal data from children, or in any way use or disclose such data without authorization, or make available or forward such data to third parties.



M+W Products takes measures in order to guarantee the security of your personal information. Your data are conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, and unauthorized access or unauthorized publication and forwarding.

M+W Products protects the customer data collected by saving the data on servers protected by a password and by firewalls which use encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

M+W Products makes every effort and uses all the possibilities of modern technology to offer you a secure environment for concluding contracts, but it cannot guarantee absolute security for your data.

We encourage you to take every possible precaution to protect your personal data while you are on the Internet. As a minimum requirement, we request you to change your passwords frequently, to use a combination of letters and numbers, and to ensure that you use a secure browser when you surf the Internet.



This website includes links to other websites. Some of these other websites also use M+W Products logos and brands, and may therefore look like websites operated by M+W Products even though they are actually operated by independent third parties (although with permission from M+W Products).

This should be displayed appropriately on the corresponding Internet sites or be included in the conditions of use defined in data protection guidelines (privacy policies). M+W Products has no control over the content or the operation of the websites of third parties and is not responsible for the information that is included on these websites. M+W Products is also not responsible for processing purchase orders or performing services that have been ordered on such websites. M+W Products is further not responsible for the data protection guidelines (privacy polices) on such websites and the data that are expressly or automatically collected there.

If you have any difficulties or other problems in connection with websites of third parties, we ask you to contact these third parties directly and not to contact M+W Products.

The pages operated by third parties that appear as M+W Products websites will share data collected about you with M+W Products. Information that M+W Products obtains in this way will be processed in accordance with these data protection guidelines and the appropriate applicable data protection laws or other valid guidelines.


Data protection guideline, usage conditions and conditions of sale

This data protection guideline is applicable together with our conditions of use and the sales conditions. These conditions govern the use of this website.

We encourage all users of our website to familiarize themselves with these conditions.


Updating the data protection guideline

M+W Products may update this data protection guideline from time to time. Any such changes will be displayed on the website. If you have any comments on or questions about these data protection guidelines or other guidelines on this website, we request you to contact us.


Validity of the data protection guideline

The data protection guideline is valid for all of the direct Internet services that you can access or call up by clicking on (www).mwproducts.(net), (www).mwproducts.(net) and www.mwproducts.(net).

The data protection guideline is no longer valid as soon you leave our Internet portal through a link and go to an Internet page over which we have no influence.

Use of this website is in accordance with this data protection guideline. If you are not in agreement with this guideline, we ask you to refrain from using this website. We reserve the right to make changes to the data protection guidelines, to amend them or to remove parts of these guidelines at any time.


Changes are displayed on our website

You  should look at our website at regular intervals in order to view any changes.


Contacts for questions or for obtaining information

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or wish to obtain any information in connection with our declaration on data protection and the processing of your personal data, you can put them in writing and send them to our Data Protection Officers at the following address:


Data Protection Officer

M+W Products GmbH
Lotterbergstrasse 30
70499 Stuttgart