Filter Fan Unit Systems

M+W Products has been a pioneer in filter fan unit systems since 1990. During

that period more than 500,000 M+W Products filter fan units have been installed worldwide.


M+W Products is developing, manufacturing and qualifying filter fan units. Our extensive experience in this field has given us in-depth understanding of our customers’ processes and needs. Specialized products such as FFU-RA (return air) and PIFF (plenum integrated filter fan) units are the results of our expertise.


Outstanding patents and innovations testify to the performance of our technology center in Stuttgart.


Several types of filter fan units enable our customers to choose the right system for their individual demands to improve productivity, process reliability and profitability.


Standard products are the series:

  • Filter Fan Unit SILENT
  • Filter Fan Unit ECO
  • Filter Fan Unit LIGHT
  • Filter Fan Unit COMPACT
  • Filter Fan Unit RETURN AIR 
  • Plenum Integrated Filter Fan




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